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Project Overview

If you are creating a game in XNA for Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7, then two very useful programs are GLEED2D and Farseer Physics. GLEED2D allows you to easily create 2 dimensional levels that can be implemented into your game. Farseer Physics is a free physics engine that is often times used in 2 dimensional games.

Unfortunatly, many people do not know how to implement both of these programs together, which would create a very useful combination. This project has been created to allow an easy bridge between the two programs.
Note that at this time this project has only been tested with Farseer 2.1.3, compatibility with the newest version of Farseer Physics is unknown.
Please also note that the code is very rough at this stage as I pulled it straight out of one of my own projects, an updated project will soon be released which will contain the code in a more useable form.

DragonSwords Studios

DragonSwords Studios is a United States based game studios focusing on creating games for the Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace. We also create tool to help developers design similar games.
Find more information at We are now hiring one artist.

Our design tools include:
Farseer Physics & GLEED2D Link
DragonBone Animation -

DragonSwords Studios is not affiliated with the creators of Farseer Physics nor GLEED2D. We thank them greatly for all their work.

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